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Navajo Birth Cohort Study

Advice and Information: Environmental Health  Want to know how many servings of locally caught fish is safe to eat on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation?  Who to call to pick up your old refrigerator in Albuquerque? What to do if your home is flooded by a hurricane or heavy rains?  This website seeks to answer those questions and other environmental health questions that arise.

Citizens and health professionals are invited to look around - and listen.  Radio Broadcasters are invited to download our Public Service Announcements (PSAs). 

Rudolfo Anaya - Writings from the Upper Rio Grande Valley

In Smoke, Trash and Trout, students in Northern New Mexico read their original writings about the land around them and the environmental challenges of our time.  Astute observers, students comment on the problems in need of attention. Writer Rudolfo Anaya (Bless Me Ultima and other novels) narrates the program.  Deborah Begel recorded and mixed the program.  Student readings were chosen by Begel and Stefani Hines.  Hines served as executive producer.


This program is funded by NIEHS Grant # P30 ES-012072

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